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Veterans International Security Services is a reputable exception security company with an exceptional record and long list of clients.

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable security services to those in need. We truly love the fields of  law enforcement and Security Services and  believe that everyone deserves to have their rights upheld. No matter how  small or too large the task is for us to handle from providing protection and defending clients,  we have done it all.

Clients tell us we are easy to speak with and make them feel at ease. Our team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy to win.

We are known for standing behind our clients and giving our all. You never have to worry about settling for less when the security teams of Veterans International Security Services are on the watch.


MONTIVEALE ALEXANDIR CORTOREZ II,  is the Director of Security and Counter Terrorism Operations for Veterans International Security Services.  A 22 year veteran in the areas of fedral, state, private, and military law enforcement conducting urban, combat, and global security environments.  A Sargeant in the United States Army Command. He had led successful high risk operations of both national importance and security worldwide in many areas of Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and Homeland Security operations.  He had many coordinated combined operations with elements of the US Special Operations Command, Intelligence communities, US State Department, US Customs and Borders, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security.  For years he has been managing and supervising national and regional security services for military, federal, state, private sectors.  His specialties includes Counterterrorism, Antiterrorism, All-Source intelligence, Special weapons and Tactics operations, Protective Sevices operations, Cyberserity systems Specialst, Internatioal Security Services, VIP Protection services, Counterintelligence operations, Force Protection Services, Diginitary Services and other expertise. He is a graduate of a Master Degree in Computer Sciences, Bachelors degree in Business Administration Information Systems Technology, Associates in Forensic Sciences in Crieminal Justic.

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Alfred Francois Director of training VISS.
A 10 years veteran United States Army Military Police. Instractor Armored security Vehicles Combat and non Combat operations. Physical security and Risk Management expert and Middle East conflict consultant. He has served in combat operations in Afhaganstan as a Personal Protection Detail team member in high risk security operations. Working some times with Special Operations Command, Army Counterintelligence, Army Security and Intelligence Command and Security Forces Advisory and assistance teams, he provided security to USACE, Government executives and high level General Officers in the war zone. Supervised in private Security Companies in United States Executive Security Concepts. CBRN Technician, harzardous materials response and operations expert.  graduated from US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command as an instructor M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) Marksmanship team member. Graduate of Security Training Academy Inc. USA as a Personal Protection Specialist.

James masons Director of operations VISS.

A 25 year Veteran of United States Army Military police. conducted operations all over the world. A combat veteran in many countries.

Ms. Kamara began her academic career by first matriculating at Smith's Business School in the District of Columbia then further enhanced her distinguished education by attending the Sacramento Security Academy in Sacramento California.  Having a constant desire to teach others, she pursued and obtained the the highly sort-after State of Maryland Certified 

Handgun Instructor credential as well as the ASP Tactical  Handcuffing and Baton Instructor certification.  For nearly a decade, Ms. Kamara has been an armed professional Security Officer with different security companies over the USA. She has worked on Department of Homeland Security projects in California and has held position of project manager for multimillion- dollar contracts in the state of Maryland.  Furthermore she is an American Redcross Certified FirstAid/Cpr/AED Instructor and is approved by the Department of Defense to teach the intense Pentagon-specific curriculum. Ms. Kamara also holds an Instructor credentials to teach private security to the public.
DANPATS MWESIGWA , CEO OF VETERANS INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SERVICES LLC.  A 22 year veteran in both the US Armed forces and federal security services combined. Danpats has conducted many operations worldwide and domestically in Homeland Security. He had careered with the Office of the the USA Undersecretary of Defense of African Affairs.  He helped with the coordination of African policies, African economics, African Defense,  political Affairs and International Security.  He has been supervising private security companies and private sectors contratcted by the Department of Defense for 8 years. He has two Masters Degrees in Strategic Security Studies in both CounterTerrorism and International Security from the National Defense University.  Masters Political Management, A Bachelors in International Affairs .  An  Associates degree in Criminal justice Police. A graduate of U.S Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command as an instructor for M1117 Armored Security Vehicle ( ASV ).
Had numerous operations as a military police officer with the department of Homeland Security boarder patrol commands. An expert in Tactical Guerriralla Warfare, 6 years veteran in Africa. Trained in Conventional and Urban Warfare.